All apologies: absurd Weghorst furore shows sorry seems to be the easiest word | Max Rushden

Manchester United striker touched a sign at Anfield and sparked another bout of hysteria and standard-issue contritionIt wasn’t a hearty blow. It may not have made a sound. But there was definitely contact. Standing a head taller than Lisandro Martínez in front and Anthony behind – Wout Weghorst moved his right arm into an unnatural position. You couldn’t argue it was board to hand. It was an intentional movement, his silhouette made bigger – his arm rising and his fingers resting and, fatally, lingering just below the I and E of the This is Anfield sign.A couple of hours later and Manchester United had lost 7 (seven)-nil to Liverpool. Coincidence? Maybe. But his betrayal is clearly the most egregious act a footballer has been accused of in the last week or so – unless you include sexual assault, exposing your genitals in public or perhaps beating up and spitting at a referee. Continue reading…

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