Football Daily | The end of a Liverpool era, and history beckons for West Ham

Sign up now! Sign up now! Sign up now? Sign up now!According to the BBC’s occasionally staffed sport department – solidarity, sisters and brothers – Liverpool travelled to Spain this week for the completion of their annual humiliation at the hands of Real Madrid in a Boeing 737. But when Real Madrid made the opposite journey three weeks earlier, they did so in an Airbus A359. Short end is, Real generate twice the carbon footprint when tooling around Europe, so hats off to Liverpool for that at least. Hats also off to the sustainability reporters at the Beeb, whose task must feel positively Sisyphean given the significant amount of hot air and bullsh!t regularly released into the ether by its management classes.Crystal Palace failed to take heed of the warning to beware the Ides of March as Brighton’s Solly March scored the only goal in the 15th minute, on 15 March – John Myles.Re: Memory Lane [Wednesday’s Football Daily]: I’m not sure Sir Alf Ramsey would have liked managing England in Chile for the 1962 World Cup. It was Walter Winterbottom who had the privilege of overseeing another underachieving England side being put out of their misery by Garrincha. But Sir Alf did get it right eventually, unlike Football Daily – Charles Tedesco [and others].Did Pep Guardiola not see what happened to Liverpool after they won a game 7-0? Some people never learn – Krishna Moorthy.Poor Pep. He may be a tactical genius whose coaching has won titles across Europe, but he’s also just a boy standing in front of a girl, asking Julia Roberts to love him – Mark McFadden.What is the quote at the end of each Football Daily referring to? Is the idea that we work it out? – Dean Cooper.When reading Michael Van Portfliet’s letter yesterday, I was amazed at just how complicated rounders had become since I was at school – Andrew Want.This is an extract from our daily football email … Football Daily. To get the full version, just visit this page and follow the instructions. Continue reading…

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