Manchester City v Burnley: FA Cup quarter-final – live

Updates from the 5.45pm GMT match at the Etihad StadiumJonathan Liew: Kompany faces pressure test in landmark return Get in touch: email ScottA blast of Barry Stoller’s famous Match of the Day theme – how we missed it last week – and then, with a slight frog in the throat, Gary Lineker plays his return with a straight bat. “Good evening from the Etihad Stadium as Manchester City face Burnley.”At which point he introduces Alan Shearer, who addresses the elephant in the room: “I just needed to clear up and wanted to say how upset we were that all the audiences last week missed out on last weekend. It was a really difficult situation for everyone concerned, and through no fault of their own, some really great people in TV and in radio were put in an impossible situation, and that wasn’t fair. So it’s good to get back to some sort of normality and be talking about football again.” Continue reading…

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